The BCS Graphics Team: Telling Compelling Stories through Visual Media

How much thought have you given to the images that define your organization? Visual identity is important for any company, and graphic design plays a vital role in the way audiences interact with and perceive your business. From logos and branding materials, to infographics and charts, to videos, to professional reports and fact sheets, to innovative and interactive web design—the visual media you use can both make your products more accessible to users and tell a compelling story about your brand and mission. Here at BCS, we’re really proud of our expert Graphics Team. Check out the infographic below for an overview of the products that we offer, and stay tuned for more infographics about the graphic design products we create.

BCS Graphics Team products and services

    Reports  ♦  Fact Sheets  ♦  Case Studies  ♦  Posters  ♦  Business Cards  ♦  And More!
    We design and develop a wide variety of print materials, with prime expertise in producing large reports, fact sheets, and case studies. We create striking and professional-looking designs that will make your products stand out and appeal to your audience. We assure fast turnaround, unmatched service, and stunning results.
    Logos  ♦ Templates  ♦  Branding  ♦  And More!
    We understand the important role that visual identity plays in the way an organization presents itself to both internal and external audiences, and we offer extensive experience in designing effective visual brand identities for businesses, organizations, programs, and events. From single logos, to corporate stationery, to brand identity packages, BCS designers can help give your products personality and separate them from the competition.
    Websites    Intranets   Open Access Portals    And More!
    We develop effective, modern, and responsive user interfaces for websites and applications with open-source content management systems (Drupal, WordPress) and SharePoint. Whether developing websites, intranets, or open access portals, we apply effective solutions and always keep the end user and user experience in mind.
    Interactive Reports    Maps    Technical Illustrations    Training Modules  ♦  And More!
    We turn boring, static data into striking interactive reports, charts, and maps; technical illustrations; and interactive games and training modules by utilizing cutting-edge technologies, including Adobe Flash, HTML5, XML, JavaScript, Google Maps, Tableau, and Highcharts.

The examples above represent just some of our Graphics Team’s capabilities. BCS’ three talented designers, Brandi Boykin, Jen Caul, and Jared Largen, hold more than 27 years of combined experience providing captivating visuals for federal, state, and private-sector clients. With demonstrated success in translating technical information into products that are dynamic, visually engaging, and accessible to diverse audiences, our designers exemplify verifiable skill in using visual media to tell a wide range of compelling stories. To see additional examples of their work, check out our Graphics Team’s online portfolio and collection of select interactive tools.

The BCS Graphic Design Team

Brandi Boykin Jen Caul Jared Largen
Brandi Boykin Jen Caul Jared Largen

For more information, please contact Lindsay Southerland, manager, at


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